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Short-term rental

Our short-term rental service is designed to enable anyone to ride a dream motorcycle, scooter or e-bike even for just one day.
There are a variety of reasons to choose rental, such as before making a purchase to make sure you are making the right choice.
Rental is possible for a minimum period of 1 day up to a maximum of 15 days with a sliding scale rate i.e. the more days you rent the lower the daily rate.

Don't have a helmet? Do you need suitcases? With us you can rent helmet, jacket, pants and gloves and everything you need to enjoy your trip and your leisure time to the fullest.

It is also possible to book the rental of motorcycles to take the A1, A2 AND A3 license practice exams.

All our motorbikes, scooters and e-bikes are of the latest generation, because even for one day the excitement must be maximum!