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The most innovative way to buy your Yamaha

Imagine being able to have only the beauty of the bike:

  • Always riding a new bike.
  • Have the lowest monthly driving cost.
  • Having the certainty of buying back your motorbike at a price defined from the outset represented by the Guaranteed Future Value

EasyGo offers all this.

Choose the motorcycle and choose the advance that best suits your needs.
4 Tempi Moto Store immediately guarantees you the repurchase value of your motorcycle after 2/3 years.

The difference between sale price, down payment and VFG will be your monthly riding cost

It is simple.
It is easy.
It is convenient.

At the end of 2 or 3 years you can freely choose between 3 options: 

1. Renewing the contract on a new Yamaha 

2. Keep the motorbike by paying off the Guaranteed Future Value (in a lump sum or with new financing)

3. Quietly return the motorbike at no additional cost based on the predetermined mileage and normal conditions of use. Transfer costs excluded