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Discover convenience

4 Tempi insurance service is dedicated to motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

A cheap and always suspendable policy.

Do you prefer to ride only in fine weather and can't wait to sit on your bike and ride?

We can't predict when the fine weather will arrive, come by, suspend your policy and put your bike in the garage. All it takes is one call to reactivate your policy and start again stronger than before! (but not too much)

Do you want to customise your policy according to the driver? You always have the option of extending protection to several drivers with the free-driver formula.

Third party liability (damage caused to third parties, property and persons during road traffic) is often not enough, decide freely, depending on the level of protection you need, which guarantees are most useful to you:


1. Fire and theft

2. Driver's accidents (no deductible if you use the back guard)

3. Legal protection

4. Waiver of liability for slight intoxication

5. Dedicated claims management

For quotes and information: pratiche@4tempi.com